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Kyrgyz State Technical University, named after I.Razzakov, was founded in 1954 to train engineers specialized in geology, chemical engineering, power engineering and construction. Currently KSTU is the leading higher technical education institution (HEI) in the Kyrgyz Republic: about 21,000 students over 46 technical and economic areas, including 118 specialties. The University comprises 6 institutions, 8 faculties, 4 regional units, 5 research institutes, library and information center, college, high school and other structural units. In 2011 the University signed the Маgnа Сhаrtа Unіvеrsitatum and in 2012 passed to the two-tier system ("Bachelor" and "Master"), except for certain course of studies.

The Institute of Mining and Mountain Technologies, named after academician U. Asanalievis,is a division of KSTU. The Institute works to prepare different type of highly specialized professionals including 1) engineers-geologists, specialized in the discovery, exploration and transfer to the industrial development of mineral deposits; 2) mining engineers providing underground mining and as well as by open way; 3) metallurgists who getting black metal by enrichment and by metallurgical way; 4) ecologists who research the status of environmental protection in mining; 5) economists who deal with the economy of mining companies and mining management; and 6) experts in information support the mining industry.