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The Third Steering Committee Meeting was held on July 9th and 10th (2018) at Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb (FAZ). The welcome address was given by Project Manger, Prof. Marija Romić and Zoran Grgić, dean of Faculty of Agriculture University of Zagreb.

Professor Claudio Colombo (coordinator), after the welcome address, introduced the program of the meeting and made some general recommendations regarding relevant activities that should be undertaken. Then, he left the floor to WP leaders that presented the state of art of their WPs pointing out activities implemented, and expected/achieved results. Additionally, discussion regarding stakeholders' involvmement and accrediation process followed.

The second day of the meeting started with Claudio Colombo's introductive remarks and continued with the presentations releted to the 3 summer schools held in 2018, Quality control managment and Dissemination issues. Furthermore, dicussions upon the realization of the final report were carried out. All partner agreed that the Final Conference of the IUCLAND project will be organized 22th and 23rd November 2018 at Fuajian Normal University (China).