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The activities of this Work Package aim at enhancing the visibility of the project and of its activities. To this end, the project staff will fully exploit the communication opportunities provided by the project website, the infodays and the dissemination material on the final conference.  


Website realization and maintenance

This task concerns the realization, management and update of the project website. Along the project duration, the website will be enriched with specific contents related to each activities implemented. The website will remain available beyond the project's end. 



Dissemination material

According to the needs of the project and of its specific activities, ad hoc design material will be elaborated, including project presentations, roll-ups, flyers and brochures. All dissemination material will be elaborated based on the collaboration of all project partners. 


Webinar platform testing

Webinar platform will be used by al participants to support web meetings, either workshops and project internal meetings. This platform will allow both for the communication among participants as well as the presentation of contents such as slides presentations and PDF documents, which will be all collected and provided to the participant of the meeting in object.


Organization of the infodays and final conference

Throughout the project duration, infodays will be organized at academic partner's premises in order to give visibility to the upcoming activities and provide operative information for students and stakeholders interested in taking part in summer schools and workshops. Additionally, at the end of the project a Final Conference will be organized among project partners to review all project activities and the impact achieved. 


Contribution to the exploitation process

To ensure the sustainability of the project, ad hoc activities will be planned throughout the entire project duration. The intent is to guarantee that the impact of the project will last behind the project conclusion. Key indicators related with the sustainability of the project will be the number of Memorandum of Understanding signed and the number of teachers and students involved.