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This Work Package is dedicated to planning and implementation of a set of activities aimed at guarantee the quality of all project activities. The quality monitoring will be conducted on two different layers: on one side, internal quality monitoring will aim at evaluating the compliance of each project task with the correspondent quality standards and procedures; on the other side, external quality monitoring will concern the collection, evaluation and implementation of feedbacks from external participants with regards to outreaching activities, namely workshops and summer schools.


Monitoring for workshops and summer schools

To monitor outreaching activities, the project staff will elaborate a specific questionnaire aimed at assessing the quality of teaching activities performed. This questionnaire will be addressed to all summer schools and workshops participants in order to collect their feedbacks on the appropriateness of teaching tools, lectures, activities and supporting material provided.  


Definition of quality procedures and methods

Project quality procedures and methods will be defined by taking into considerations quality guidelines currently implemented at internal level by each partner. The output of this task will be a Quality Manual which will detail all relevant quality procedure, methods and indicators that will be used through the entire project.The document will be used as a point of reference for ensuring that the project meets its objectives with the declared and desired quality. 


Monitoring of project activities

According to the Quality Manual guidelines, a Quality Plan will be elaborated, containing all the specific actions to be taken in order to correctly develop project activities according to high quality standards. This document will be mostly for internal use of the consortium and will be used to guarantee that all specific activities and deliverables to be produced are appropriately supervised and checked. A Quality Assurance report, delivered yearly, will report the conformity to quality methods and procedures for all activities carried out and each deliverable completed.