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WP2 is dedicated to the delivery of summer schools and workshops, and to implement the accreditation process. An initial meeting related to the accreditation process will be organized in order to compare the existing accreditation procedures and to formulate a standard accreditation methodology. This procedure will be fundamental for the consolidation of a general agreement among all partners and for the establishment of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). A report on the agreements that will be signed along the 3 years of the project will be elaborated in order to summarize the activity of universities' international cooperation.


Delivery of the workshops and preparation of the teaching material

This task is dedicated to the delivery of the 11 project's workshops (one workshops to be organized by each partner). Workshops will be implemented according to the indications elaborated under WP1 and in the form of webinars. Webinars will be issued during the second and third year of the project and will be addressed to students, academicians and eventually will be also open to other stakeholders. 


Support to the accreditation processes

The aim of this task is to analyse and compare of the existing accreditation procedures in order to formulate a standard accreditation methodology to support the establishment of cooperation relations among all Partners on the basis of the ratification of a Memorandum of Understanding. To this end, a meeting related to the accreditation process will be organized with all the partner universities to discuss information on the nature of the accreditation body, the criteria, the elements to evaluate, the regulation and the decision-making process. The output of this activity will be a list of the degrees available in both the European, Central Asian and Chinese partners.


Delivery of the Summer Schools

This task will be devoted to the delivery of the 6 summer schools scheduled by the project. One summer school per each country of project partners will be delivered during the second and third year of the project. Each summer school is expected to last 5 days and to involve 3 students and 1 teacher per each project partner. Summer schools will be dedicated to Land Degradation topics selected under WP1 and will include one day field trip. 



Follow up of international cooperation

This task is devoted to sum up and review all the agreements established along the three years of project development. This activity will be fundamental for keeping trace of the actual results of the project and to give proof of the sustainability of the project in terms of consolidated cooperation relationship among involved universities.