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Fondazione FORMIT  is  an  independent  non  for  profit  organization with  consultative  status  by  the  UN  Economic  and  Social  Council  (since  2004).  Since 1985 FORMIT Foundation has performed activities of scientific research and analysis to sustain technology and innovation development, supporting PAs and companies in Italy and abroad. The scientific orientation of FORMIT is given by its Scientific Committee, of which three members are nominated by the Italian Ministry of Research, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Ministry of Economic Development. Along the years, FORMIT  has  established  itself  as  a  key  player  at  international  level  in  several  research  fields  including  innovation,  security  and  information  and  communication  technologies with a focus on socio-economic aspects of these fields.

FORMIT is formally structured in  5 areas: Research  and  Innovation  Area, Training  and  Communication  Area, Strategy  and  Technology  Area,  SMEs  Development Area and Jura Area. In particular, international research  and  cooperation and technology  transfer  activities are  carried  out  by  the  Research  and  Innovation  Area  (R&I)  through  a  worldwide  network  of  organizations  and  stakeholders. Since 2008 25 international projects (of which 10 coordinated by FORMIT) with 89 different projects partners of which 68 international belonging from 36 different countries world-wide.